“Big-picture” editing of a complete or nearly complete manuscript. An objective analysis of the manuscript, with larger revisions and suggesting more sweeping changes. A content editor will also examine the flow and transition (the continuous pace and progress) of the story and evaluate sentences for clarity, flow, and readability. This may include

  • A review of consistency of style, mood, or presentation of content; attention to overall structure, clarity, voice, themes, character development, plot, pacing, and factual inconsistencies, as well as consistency of point of view and tense, effectiveness of content or story sequence, including support and resolution
  • May also involve researching, or making suggestions on content and organization based on analysis of competing works
  • Culminates in a written critique of the manuscript
  • May sometimes include working with the Author to develop a manuscript from initial concept, outline, or draft (or some combination of the three) through any number of subsequent drafts