At Spine-Line Editing, I provide editorial services and critical assessments of manuscripts to ensure the sharp and coherent presentation of your work. Whether you are an academic working in the social sciences, a small business, or a working author or poet, I will walk with you through the process to ensure that your material is refined and polished and ready for the next step.

  • I offer developmental and substantial editing, as well as copyediting and proofreading, for fiction and nonfiction. Comprehensive manuscript assessment is also available.
  • I offer a variety of critical services relevant to the development of a working poetry manuscript, ranging from line editing or a critique of one or several pieces, to a more thorough assessment of the arrangement and flow of the work, to and proofreading of the final manuscript.
  • I have a background in editing material in the social sciences and offer both copyediting and proofreading of dissertations, book manuscripts, and papers intended for publication. Many of my clients are non-native English speaking professionals whose work appears in international trade journals. I am fluent in a number of style formats, including APA, ASA, and Chicago.